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Making the Ask: Taking the Guesswork Out of Major-Gifts Fundraising

Making the "ask" evokes fear in board members and staff alike, making it a huge roadblock to reaching fundraising goals. Overcoming that fear is important, but it's the small steps leading up to the "ask" that really bring in big gifts.

Successful nonprofits have a plan to cultivate donor relationships, bringing them closer to their organization. That plan turns the dreaded "ask" into a comfortable conversation that ends with a major donation. How do they do it?

Overcome Fundraising Intimidation and Boost Donations in 30 Minutes

  • Getting past the "ask": How boards overcome their fear of fundraising
  • Cultivation strategies that relieve the stress of asking for money
  • Key components of the "ask" that lead to more donations
  • Overcome objections and setbacks without being pushy
  • The bottom line: What's the board's role in boosting fundraising?

Government regulations on payroll records and medical files:

  • 4 ways to identify and rate prospective donors
  • Tips to nail down more face-to-face meetings
  • Build a connection between donors and the nonprofit: 4-step process
  • The follow-up: Increase your chance for repeat donations

Set Your Nonprofit Apart: Board Members Acting as Ambassadors

  • Training ideas for board members to make bigger and better "asks"
  • Build trust and motivate more prospects to become donors
  • Get board buy-in and defuse fundraising reluctance
  • BONUS: Q&A of common donation solicitation questions
Turn Reluctant Board Members into Enthusiastic Fundraisers
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  • Getting past "I'll do anything but ask for money!"
  • 3 stages of board engagement: Go from new member to willing fundraiser
  • Prevent fundraising reluctance with predefined roles
  • 5 fundraising mistakes and how to overcome them
Turn Reluctant Board Members into Enthusiastic Fundraisers
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