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  • Fundraising
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  • Board Members
  • Donations
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Special Executive Report

Turn Reluctant Board Members into Enthusiastic Fundraisers

Board members don't typically wake up excited to go out and fundraise. They're passionate about the mission - but are held back by a number of fears such as intimidation, embarrassment, even feeling guilty when asking for money.

The good news: You can help board members overcome their fear of fundraising. This report lays out proven ways even the most novice fundraisers can use to raise money and provides low-stress approaches that will transform reluctant board members into fundraising enthusiasts.

Help the Board Overcome its Fear of Fundraising

  • 10 simple but effective steps to create a board of fundraising dynamos
  • Getting past "I'll do anything but ask for money!"
  • 3 stages of board engagement: Go from new member to willing fundraiser
  • Prevent fundraising reluctance with predefined roles
  • 5 fundraising mistakes and how to overcome them

10 Steps to Maximize Your Board's Fundraising Potential

  • Redefine fundraising from obligation and drudgery to passion and fun
  • Give board members what they want: 5 reasons people join the board
  • Reawaken the passion
  • Engage board members in ongoing challenges
  • Address fears of fundraising directly
  • Insight into donor motivations: Tap into why they really give
  • Easy roles for everyone
  • Make sure everyone gives: Overcome "I'm giving my time, isn't that enough?"
  • Put fundraising at the top of the agenda: 2 meeting tips
  • Recognize board expertise and contributions

Turn the Board's Passion for the Mission into Fundraising Success

  • Best approach to take with a board that was never asked or expected to fundraise
  • Shift focus away from the "ask" to building and keeping relationships
  • Create fundraising evangelists to help spur more members to raise money
  • BONUS: Board fundraising Q&A

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