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  • Bad Habits
  • Training
  • Performance
  • Turnover
  • Communication

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33 Habits of Bad Bosses

Most employees quit because they just can't stand working for a bad boss any longer. A boss who was likely promoted from the ranks and given little or no training.

How can you turn good people into great bosses?

This report deals with 33 of the worst managerial habits that hurt morale, stymie productivity and increase staff turnover, and gives you the best ways to break those bad habits now.

Bad Habits Bosses Need to Avoid at All Costs

  • Quit sugarcoating criticism before poor performance spins out of control
  • Disastrous consequences of inconsistent treatment – and how to prevent it
  • Management styles that make or break a successful workforce
  • Guidelines for discussing pay whether the news is good or bad
  • Respectfully fire without fear when terminations are necessary

Help Managers Have a Positive Impact

  • Managers' best weapons to get everyone in a positive and productive mood
  • 4 personalities that populate the workforce – and how play to each ones strengths
  • Techniques to spot and stop bullying before anyone feels threatened
  • The right context for explaining potentially unpopular corporate decisions
  • Best ways to get employee feedback and use it to your advantage

Get Managers to Knock Off Offensive Behavior

  • Stop communication failures from creating misunderstanding and irritation
  • Techniques to avoid lying even when the truth will leave a sting
  • The one word that must be removed from every manager's vocabulary
  • Documentation best practices that take away the pain of absent paperwork
  • Guards against favoritism that create an equal, productive workforce
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