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Topics Covered:

  • Soft Skills
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Morale
  • Bad Behaviors

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19 Soft Skills Leaders Need to Succeed

The No. 1 missing ingredient that keeps many executives and managers from achieving success – people skills.

Hard-nosed, tough-as-nails business savvy and technical skills aren't enough. The people who succeed are the ones who have mastered the communication and soft skills that motivate people to achieve their greatest potential.

And very few companies focus on those skills. Result: Morale bottoms out, turnover skyrockets, customer satisfaction falls and company value drops.

However, managers who hone their soft skills help themselves, their people and their companies.

This report will help you identify the most important soft skills, how to improve them and encourage your employees to do the same.

Savvy Soft Skills That Help You Lead Better

  • Stop difficult people from ruining morale and productivity
  • Turn complainers into problem solvers: Strategies that work
  • How to leverage people skills into better communication
  • Delivering bad news so it doesn't cause a commotion
  • Top 10 behaviors that drive your coworkers nuts

Make Your Company a Better Place to Work

  • Best ways to respond when emotions are running high
  • Language you should never use when communicating important information
  • Negotiation tactics that get you what you want
  • Saying no without making people feel rejected
  • Criticism missteps that can land you in hot water

Lead People, Processes and Your Business to Success

  • 7 morale building ideas that eliminate current and future issues
  • Arguing with tact so you don't ruin relationships
  • 4 delegating approaches that get people to embrace more work
  • Harmful micromessages that make you look bad
  • 6 strategies to overcome resistance with eloquence
40 Strategies for
Getting Them to Say 'Yes'
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  • Don't try this: Quickest way to get someone to refuse you
  • Conversation best practices that make people feel at ease
  • Dealing with a refusal so you can get a 'yes' next time
40 Strategies for Getting Them to Say 'Yes'
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