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  • Collection Calls
  • Excuses
  • Resolutions
  • Voicemail
  • Hotheads

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Making Collection Calls That Get Results

Getting overdue customers to pay is more challenging than ever. And while new technology has helped, nothing has displaced the old-fashioned way of getting customers to pay: the one-on-one collection phone call.

It remains the most effective means of convincing customers to pay overdue bills. Great phone collectors are worth their weight in gold. How do they do it? This executive report gives you today's best collection call strategies.

Persuading Customers to Pay in 30 Minutes

  • Tame and convince late-paying customers to meet commitments
  • Using debtors' own words to take control of the conversation
  • Keys to conveying confidence over the phone
  • Successful strategies to keep one step ahead of debtors
  • Nailing down the details when a customer commits to pay

Tools and Support That Will Help Even the Most Tenacious Collectors

  • Common excuses customers give – and how to combat them
  • Self-evaluation tools that improve callers' effectiveness
  • Proven tactics collectors use to cool off hotheads
  • Picking out the "sweet zones" for when to reach customers
  • How to end every collection call with a resolution

Best Practices for Nailing Down the Deal

  • At-a-glance information every collection caller needs
  • What to look for when conducting a background check
  • Getting – and keeping – the upper hand
  • Leaving effective voicemails that generate a callback
  • Using gatekeepers to instill urgency
  • One-time deals that get customers to pay up
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