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  • Fundraising
  • Major Gifts
  • The "Ask"
  • Donations
  • Nonprofit

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Getting to Yes! The 7 Secrets to Securing Major Gifts

The #1 roadblock in fundraising is the "ask". It's the reason too many board members still find fundraising very intimidating. And the bigger the amount, the greater the anxiety. Successful members who overcome their fear of making the "ask" bring in large donations by using a proven process to target the right people at the right time and make proposals that connect emotionally with prospective donors. How do they do it?

Start Closing Major Gifts in 30 minutes:

  • 8 must-have elements in every major gifts campaign
  • How to quickly identify your "A" prospects
  • The 5 "Rs" of fundraising: Targeting the right person at the right time
  • Moving the prospect from "not ready" to "ready to give"
  • Team accountability: Guidelines for defining goals and responsibilities

In this concise report:

  • Getting past the ask: Turning hesitation into action
  • 5 steps to create a successful cultivation plan
  • "Thank you": The key to getting larger repeat donations
  • The one place you should never make a major gift solicitation
  • 4-pt. preparation plan before you make the ask


  • Setting the stage for success: The who, what and where on the big day
  • Personalizing your plan to get the best results
  • Techniques to handle the donor's questions and objections
  • How to use the team approach to secure that coveted major gift
  • BONUS: Key questions you must answer to ensure you secure the gift
Find More Money: Alternative Funding Streams for Nonprofits
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Find More Money: Alternative Funding Streams for Nonprofits
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