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Topics Covered:

  • Transforming Staff
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Automation Options
  • Strategic Thinking

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Special Executive Report

Transforming Accounting into a Strategic Business Partner

In today's fast-changing economic climate, companies are turning to Finance and Accounting departments to provide financial insight, strategic analysis and metrics – and not just be bean counters. So how do you turn a bookkeeper into a strategic business partner? And then get the rest of the company's buy-in? This Executive Report gives you today's best ways to transform your Finance and Accounting departments into strategic corporate players and gain companywide respect.

Turn Finance pros into strategic business partners

  • 5 essential goals of every strategic transformation project
  • Using gap analysis to set ideal objectives for your department
  • Transformations on the people front: Recruit, retrain and gain respect
  • Add more value: How Finance can play a bigger role
  • The 6 phases of reengineering your Finance department

Automation ideas that free up staff for strategic tasks

  • Most impactful areas to target for automation
  • Productivity-improving technology helping Finance focus on strategy
  • Key steps to a successful technology implementation
  • Cut down on manual processes with these outsourcing ideas
  • Criteria for success: How to measure new technology's impact

Effective ways to gain respect when Finance takes on a larger role

  • Helping business units control expenses and manage risk
  • Communication guidelines helping Finance team with other departments
  • Creating a business case to get support from execs
  • Global finance solutions that resolve complex issues
  • Assessing internal risks to build strategic strength
Biggest Cash Drains Lurking Outside Finance
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Biggest Cash Drains Lurking Outside Finance
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