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  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Transparency
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Professionalism

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Taking Leadership to the Next Level

Did you ever wonder what makes some bosses great and others unbearable? Why do some inspire performance, loyalty and teamwork and others only create turmoil, dodge responsibility or remain unapproachable.

The truth is, great bosses are great leaders, and every day great leaders show 7 key traits that keep them great. What are they? How can you put them to use in your every day? Read the executive report:

Turning Managers into Strong Leaders

  • Real-world examples of dynamic leadership and how to achieve it
  • Building employees' trust with listening and credibility
  • Top 5 leadership myths that hold people back from success
  • Boost productivity with these transparency tips
  • Recognizing strengths and weaknesses to improve leadership

Develop and Execute the 7 Key Behaviors of Transparent Leadership

  • Using the truth to empower others
  • Build a better reputation by consistently asking for feedback
  • Promise-keeping strategies that help you uphold commitments
  • Mistakes happen. Take ownership to gain trust and respect
  • Increase authenticity by letting employees see the real you
  • 5 painless ways to deliver bad news kindly
  • Using emotional intelligence to make level-headed decisions

Keys to Achieving Respect and Credibility in the Workplace

  • Effective collaboration that benefits and supports the business
  • Creating win-win situations that promote personal improvement
  • Actionable ways to improve your employees' success
  • Inspiring loyalty so people don't jump ship
  • Common employer actions that kill credibility
39 Leadership Strategies From the Best Business Minds
of All Time
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39 Leadership Strategies From the Best Business Minds of All Time
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