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Topics Covered:

  • Unacceptable Behavior
  • Documentation
  • Payroll Records
  • Accountability
  • Language Keys
  • Discipline

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Dealing With and Eliminating Unacceptable Behavior

As managers, dealing with employees' unacceptable behavior is one of the biggest drains on our energy and productivity. Often it is the same group of difficult employees with the same never-ending problems.

And the hardest decision generally is not WHETHER to take action – but WHEN.

This executive report lays out proven strategies to help managers deal with and eliminate unacceptable behavior and get the most out of employees.

Eliminate Bad Behavior and Positively Impact the Bottom Line

  • 4 keys to eliminating unacceptable behavior
  • Approaches to successfully handle one-on-one or group encounters
  • Avoid an ugly court case: Harmful actions that require immediate attention
  • Beyond bad behavior: How negative actions impact everyone's work

Successfully Deal with Difficult Employees and Increase Productivity

  • The behavior standard crucial to a positive workplace
  • Inspire an environment of accountability
  • Avoid harsh feelings: Objectively confront behavior and explain consequences
  • Proven strategy to prevent employees from shifting blame
  • Real life court cases highlighting where other organizations went wrong

Resolve Problems Quickly and Effectively

  • Words and phrases to keep you in control of difficult conversations
  • Eliminate the bad habit of "triangulation"
  • Documentation best practices to keep you out of legal trouble
  • Surefire ways to keep feedback fair and balanced
  • Follow up policy to effectively monitor employees' progress
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