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Topics Covered:

  • Intermittent leave
  • New FMLA Regs
  • Serious health condition
  • Certification

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FMLA Guidelines: What Employers Need to Know Now

The Family and Medical Leave Act is forever expanding and changing – and just when you think you figure it out – they change it again. For instance, the latest expansions to FMLA that take effect in March grant a whole new group of employees FMLA rights and triple the amount of leave they are entitled to.

Are you and all your managers up-to-date on the changes to FMLA? Are you prepared for the real-world situations and challenges that you will face?

Luckily, you don't have to be. After thoroughly reviewing the 201-pages of FMLA law, we've compiled a no-fluff, plain-English report and quick reference chart you can use to create or update your policies, train your entire staff and ensure FMLA compliance.

Easy-to-Understand FMLA Guidance in 30 minutes:

  • 3 critical areas affected by the new FMLA rule changes you need to know
  • "Serious health condition": New employee requirements
  • Eliminate confusion regarding Military Family Leave
  • "Qualifying exigencies": 7 approved reasons for taking leave
  • Clarification on one of the murkiest areas of FMLA administration

FMLA quick reference chart to handle the trickiest FMLA situations:

  • If-then scenarios to avoid FMLA missteps
  • General and specific FMLA notification guidelines
  • What you can expect from employees
  • FMLA certification and recertification

Answers to FMLA questions that trip up the savviest HR managers:

  • FMLA and attendance: What the new rules say about attendance bonuses
  • FMLA abuse: How the new regs help employers protect themselves
  • Keys to strike the perfect balance of employee rights and organizational needs
  • A complete breakdown of every new rule change and how it impacts you
Wellness Programs:
What's Working, What's Legal
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  • 6 building blocks of successful wellness programs
  • How to identify the biggest health cost drivers – and use your wellness program to combat them
  • 4 keys to getting early and ongoing employee buy-in
  • ROI: Showing the pay-off of wellness programs
  • Exponential savings: Integrating wellness programs with other health plans
  • The most effective (and legal) participation incentives/penalties working now
Wellness Programs: What's Working, What's Legal
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