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  • Repeat Business
  • Sales Penetration
  • Sell More to Existing Customers

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Selling More to Existing Customers

Lack of contact is the #1 reason customers stop buying. What's worse, the fastest and most effective way to generate more sales is to stay in touch and sell more to those existing customers. Are your salespeople focusing enough on selling more deeply to current customers? Top sales pros have a clear penetration plan and proven strategies to create loyal, higher volume customers. How do they do it?

Generate More Business from Current Customers in 30 minutes

  • How to turn customer problems into an 85% chance of repeat business and get more referrals
  • 6-step process to overcome the #1 reason customers stop buying from you
  • 3 proven ways to answer your customer's most important question, "What's in it for me?"
  • Dealing with indecisive customers: 6 ways to gain commitment and get past stalls

Turn Satisfied Buyers into Loyal, High Volume Customers:

  • 4-step pre-call plan to prepare for a sales boosting call to existing customers
  • Why 'satisfied' customers aren't good enough – and 8 ways to convert them to loyal advocates
  • Stifle competitor attempts to steal key customers with Strategic Account Management
  • How to identify, understand and demonstrate your customer's ideal solution to increase repeat business

Make Customer Think of You First When They Need to Buy Again:

  • The 4 core elements of trust – and how to use them to strengthen your customer relationships
  • 5 must-have traits that move you from one of many suppliers to the "preferred supplier"
  • Learn the 6 customer behavioral styles to give a more authentic and unique sales presentation
  • 7 ways top salespeople increase business with current customers
Handling Tough Customers: What Is and Isn't Working
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  • Specific words and phrases to develop rapport
  • Step-by-step plan that turns difficult customers into loyal ones
  • Fire-starter phrases to avoid at all costs
  • Complaints are good: How to use them to your advantage
  • 5 ways to keep yourself sane after a tough conversation
Handling Tough Customers: What Is and Isn't Working
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