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  • Closing
  • Trial Close
  • OVercome Objections
  • Selling Value
  • Sales Management

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Closing the Deal: Why Salespeople Fail

Every salesperson can learn to become a great closer. So why do so many salespeople fall short when it comes to closing? They don't know when and how to ask for the sale. The best salespeople do. They ask the right questions at the right time and know when to go for the close. How do they do it?

Improve closing techniques in 30 minutes:

  • "We'd like to think it over" – Strategies to overcome buyer hesitation
  • Closing strategy based on each prospects' needs
  • 5 rules to successful closing that rarely should be broken
  • Saving wounded deals: Anticipate and overcome objections
  • Soft sell vs. hard sell: Choosing the right approach

Building relationships to close more deals:

  • Remove barrier with laser-focused questions
  • 13 qualities of top closers
  • Listen more to close more: Putting the customer's interests first
  • Building trust to close more sales: 5 vital steps
  • Turning objections & roadblocks into sales commitments

Revitalize often overlooked closing strategies:

  • Set the stage for a successful close with strong openings
  • Use compelling stories to close more deals
  • Sales call behaviors that lead to more sales
  • 4 reasons salespeople have trouble closing – and how to avoid them
  • Timing the close: 4 critical questions
Boost Your Closing Rate: Where Sales Are Won and Lost
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  • The 5 biggest keys to closing that are often broken
  • 3 ways to build the confidence of a master closer
  • The top 7 reasons why salespeople fail to close
  • 4 behaviors that lead to lagging close ratios
  • Raise closing rates by internalizing these 7 core beliefs
Boost Your Closing Rate: Where Sales Are Won and Lost
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