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  • T&E Compliance
  • Expense Reports
  • Travel Expenses
  • Tax Exclusions
  • IRS Guidelines

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6 Employee Expenses that Often Run Afoul of the IRS

New IRS expense requirements and fluctuating employee compliance can mean only one thing… increased chances that the Taxman will come knocking.

Even if you and your finance staff follow IRS requirements to the T, other employees may threaten your compliance, perhaps without even realizing it, increasing costs exponentially!

Fight the often uphill battle of playing by the IRS's rules. Stay up-to-date on recent employee expense policy changes and be confident in your company's compliance. Here's where to start:

Keep Compliance High Even When Rules Change

  • 3 rules for an accountable T&E plan
  • What's in and out of bounds for on premise meals
  • 6 bonus tips to keep you IRS compliant
  • Common employee expense scams and how to stop them
  • Quiz yourself on the details of relocation expenses

Keep the Taxman at Bay All Year Round

  • Clear definitions for common "subjective" IRS terms
  • IRS expectations for the three most common T&E expenses
  • Links to extra resources on many expense regulations
  • 4 examples straight from the Taxman about meal compliance

Get the Best and Latest Thinking on Expense Compliance

  • 4 ground rules for a compliant educational assistance program
  • Newest regulations and requirements for employer-provided cell phones
  • Details on 2012's new Local Lodging Expense rules
  • Proven strategies to keep expense costs down
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