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12 Dumb Mistakes That Employees' Lawyers Love

The workplace has grown so litigious that some days it can feel like a
take-no-prisoners tug of war. People routinely hire attorneys to sue their employers for some real or imagined offense that they try to blow up into illegal mistreatment.

The trouble is that even if employers win the lawsuit, they still lose. Trials are expensive and drag on forever. And it's never a sure thing. So, how can you prevent them from happening in the first place?

This report outlines the top 12 mistakes companies make that set them up for employment lawsuits - and actionable ways to stop making them.

Actions Companies Take That Make it Easier for Employees to Sue

  • Plaintiffs' attorneys reveal their most winning strategies to sue employers
  • Correcting the employment-at-will myth: Everyone's an exception
  • Keys to select the right lawyer to handle your company's case
  • Documentation missteps attorneys use to exploit inconsistencies and contradictions
  • How attorneys are using PIPs to make employers look even worse

Mistakes Employers Make That Send Disgruntled Employees Running to an Attorney

  • 9 protected activities employers can never use to retaliate against employees
  • Beware of whistleblowers: How to treat them so you don't wind up in court
  • Never pick these 2 people to be the company rep at an employment law trial
  • Warning: An EEOC dismissal does not mean your company's in the clear
  • What juries believe about second chances and employers need to put into practice

Employers' Biggest Blunders in Avoiding, Preparing for, or Defending Employment Law Cases

  • Tread lightly when firing long-time employees: Attorneys will find a way to prove it was illegal
  • Poorly implemented RIFs: Watch out for these typically missed measures
  • Effective ways to handle attorneys' information requests post-separation
  • Independent review procedure to confirm the validity of termination decisions
  • 5 traits of good plaintiffs – and 5 bad that lose cases for themselves
10 Critical Steps If You're Hit with an EEOC Complaint
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  • 2 options employers have when an EEOC complaint is filed
  • How often are complaints valid? See these statistics
  • The key aspect that saves time, money and headaches during the complaint process
  • Disciplining or terminating a complainant: What to watch out for
10 Critical Steps If You're Hit with an EEOC Complaint
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