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  • Sales Personalities
  • Proven Training Tips
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Recruiting Top Salespeople
  • Value Proposition

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The Real Sales Stars: They're Not Who You Think They Are

What separates great salespeople from average salespeople? Actually, not a lot. Which means your next great closer is likely already on your team. And if you can get just a few of those average salespeople to up their game, revenue will boom. How do you do it?

As a sales manager, you're constantly looking for the next big closer which can seem like a never-ending search. But with the right guidance you can uncover hidden sales stars already on your payroll.

Consider this ... what would it be worth to make each of your core performers just a little bit better? How many more sales could they get? How much more revenue would your total group drive in? Because your core salespeople make up the largest portion of your team, the numbers start to get pretty big.

So how can you get the core performers you already have to produce like the stars you want them to become?

Help Star Performers Set Themselves Apart

  • Top 5 attributes great salespeople need
  • 3 questions that gauge customer loyalty
  • Why it's not what they sell, but how they're selling it
  • How to manage the 5 types of salespeople
  • Why the relationship mentality isn't working anymore

Develop Key Skills for Sales Success

  • Best ways to tailor your message to meet your customers' needs
  • Proven strategies to reframe your customer's prospective to fit your pitch
  • How to make your value proposition best-in-show
  • How to capitalize on attributes that can contribute to your success
  • Tips to standing firm when the customer starts pushing back

Face Training Challenges Head-On

  • Why the "Challenger" holds your biggest sales potential
  • Strategies to get buy-in from your team – even from your most difficult employees
  • 6 top training tips to reach any sales personality
  • How to recruit and interview the top sales personality
  • Red flags of training problems you can catch before they become distractions
15 Essential Qualities of Top Salespeople
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  • The #1 skill for short-term results and long-term growth
  • The most powerful tool to manage time and boost results
  • The key ingredient of selling – and why it's even more important today
15 Essential Qualities of Top Salespeople
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