Communicating a Professional Presence Communicating a Professional Presence

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Topics Covered:

  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Ethics
  • Favoritism
  • Decision-making

PBP Executive Reports help time-pressed executives and managers hone and polish critical business skills in under an hour.

Fast-read, actionable, and packed with invaluable strategies, these timely reports help executives and managers improve the performance of their organization.

Special Executive Report

9 Mistakes New Managers Make Most Often

They deserved to be new managers, so you promoted them. Now what? Will they be too tough? Too lenient? Will they rise to the position or still see themselves as one of the crowd?

Most new managers make the same mistakes that hurt morale, anger their teams or stifle productivity. Why? Because they don't have the proper training. But they can have it now:

Identify and Eliminate the 9 Biggest Mistakes New Managers Make

    1. 7 delegation tactics to prevent overload and burn out

    2. Negative effects of poor communication and 6 can't miss ways to keep an open dialogue

    3. Real-life examples of ethical dilemmas and strategies to solve them fairly

    4. Open and honest management tactics that lead to effective decision-making

    5. Impact of managing former peers and best practices for a smooth transition

    6. Find your style: Solid management tactics to make your own

    7. Keep favoritism from killing morale: Keys to managing all team players

    8. Squash insecurities and use smart staffers to your advantage

    9. You don't have to know it all: When to reach out for help

Effective Management Training Any Organization Can Use

  • Maximize team members to their full potential: Tools to succeed
  • Decision-making skills that get more accomplished
  • 5 strategies for handling know-it-alls that won't hurt productivity

Supervisory Lessons You Need to Know Now

  • Avoid indecision to gain the respect of your team and superiors
  • Lead by example: How employees want you to act
  • 21 must-have tips and ideas to help new managers improve results

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