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55 Hiring Questions to Ask Prospective Salespeople

The demand for quality sales talent always exceeds the supply. That makes hiring great salespeople one of, if not the most important job of a sales manager. And the cost of hiring the wrong salesperson is significant – up to 200% of the employee's salary. So, how can you increase the odds of hiring a sales stud instead of a dud?

The interview. Despite all of the fancy assessment tools out there, staring a candidate in the eyes and putting him or her to the test with pointed questions remains the most effective way to separate the wheat from chaff.

With this report in your possession, you will walk into every sales interview armed with 55 specific questions you could ask and red flag responses to watch out for. You will quickly identity the best talent and eliminate marginal candidates before you find out 3 months too late.

Quickly identify top talent by ask the right interview questions

  • 5 key tips for a more effective interview
  • A unique way to find out a candidate's sales process
  • Top 5 interviewing mistakes sales managers make
  • Why you should hire a candidate that admits to call reluctance
  • The difference between character and personality - and what each says about the applicant

Questions that reveal how the candidate:

  • Responds to objections
  • Takes rejection
  • Learns from mistakes
  • Handles criticism
  • Reacts under pressure

Elicit real-world examples of behaviors that predict sales performance

  • How to differentiate good information from "sizzle"
  • Handling customer complaints: what the approach says about the applicant
  • What you can learn from a candidate by asking about his goals
  • 4 qualities of prospecting success - and how to tell if the candidate has them
  • Questions that indicate how the candidate deals with managers and company policies
Find, Hire and Keep Great Salespeople
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  • Defining the job: Why you need to spell out job responsibilities
  • Establish a benchmark: Identify core competencies and values for your team
  • 3 area of requirements that must be considered during the hiring process
  • Build a network of candidates: Why now is the time to attract top talent
Find, Hire and Keep Great Salespeople
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