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Topics Covered:

  • Fringe Benefits
  • IRS Guidelines
  • Tax Exclusions

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Fringe Benefits: What's Taxable, What's Not: 21 Must-Know Regs and Updates

Handling fringe benefits is a headache even for the most experienced finance pros. Why? In the realm of employer-provided benefits, few areas are as complicated. Whether you're providing educational assistance or just giving away tickets to a game, fringe benefits run a wide gamut.

How can you ensure you're taxing and excluding the right fringe benefits in the eyes of the IRS, providing the necessary documentation and complying with the glut of IRS requirements to avoid penalties?

Straightforward Fringe Benefits Guidance in 30 Minutes

  • What does "fringe" really mean anyway? IRS definition
  • What's taxable, what's not? IRS has good and bad news for you
  • Fringe benefit exclusions: Why knowing the exemptions is the most critical
  • Detailed examination of 21 key fringe benefit exclusions

Key Fringe Benefit Exclusions You Need to Know

  • Cafeteria plans: Which benefits can be included, which can't and whose eligible
  • De minimis benefits: How to determine when small value benefits are taxable and when they are not
  • Employee discounts: Exclusion limits and tax breakdown
  • Group term life insurance: 6 conditions that determine fringe benefit exclusion
  • Educational assistance: 4 factors for tax exemption
  • Employee stock options: 3 types of fringe benefits and what you must report

Take Control of Fringe Benefit Handling and Reporting at Your Company

  • What is a highly compensated employee and how their fringe benefits are different
  • 4 conditions for giving achievement awards
  • Working conditions benefits: How to handle company cars and job-related training
  • Free food! Properly handle fringe benefit meals
  • 3 criteria for providing lodging to employees
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