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Topics Covered:

  • New managers
  • Delegating
  • Management styles
  • Recognition
  • Retention

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Turning Good Employees into Great Managers – A Guide for New Managers

Good employees don't always make good managers. In fact, sometimes the best employees are the worst managers.

Managing successfully requires a new mindset and completely new set of skills. If left to learn on the fly, untrained new managers can alienate employees and create a disorganized and dispirited workforce.

How can you best train your new managers to ensure they continue their success and motivate others to grow and excel as well?

Ensure a Smooth Transition in 30 Minutes

  • The toughest transitions: 3 places new managers slip-up
  • The 2 types of managers that crush morale
  • Team training: How great managers bring employees together
  • 4 keys to delegating without alienating employees

Tough Calls, Common Scenarios That Catch New Managers Off-Guard

  • Inherited discipline problems
  • A 'bad' employee
  • Unmotivated employees
  • How much fun is too much fun?
  • Bad attitude employees
  • Employees trying to be the boss
  • How to toe the company line

Don't Miss a Single Detail

  • Best ways to deal with the 4 generations of workers
  • 6 best practices to be more "hands on"
  • Keys to getting the most out of your employees
  • Recognition: How to show your team you care
New Manager's Guide to
Leadership and Success
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  • Team-building games that consistently create fun and camaraderie
New Manager's Guide to Leadership and Success
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