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  • Sales Mistakes
  • Consultative Selling
  • Sales Techniques
  • Winning Salespeople

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Special Executive Report

18 Ways to Kill Sales

Even the best salespeople are always searching for new and more effective ways to tell their stories and win sales. But learning which approaches kill sales is just as important as learning which ones will work. Here's how to do it:

Preparation: Enter the Conversation with Confidence

  • Know your audience: 70% of prospects want different things than customers
  • Does your product pass the "worth-it" test?
  • 3 ways to identify at-risk customers and maintain loyalty
  • Don't chase dead-enders – 4 questions to help prioritize leads
  • 5 strategies for communicating with top execs
  • Tips to keep up with changing conversational landscapes

Deliver Your Message Effectively and Credibly

  • 4 common behaviors of prospects suffering from information-overload
  • 9 strategies to present against established relationships
  • 3 levels of delivering value to prospects
  • "Stop talking!" 10 approaches to help promote active listening
  • Use RADAR: its 7 components combat the challenges of complex sales
  • Seal the deal with 6 proven closing techniques that work

Guarantee Customer Loyalty through Follow-Up & Analysis

  • Keep in touch! The after-sale process has equal value to the sale itself
  • 5 trust-building strategies customers die for
  • Debrief: Understanding why you win ensures you can't lose
  • 7 tips to keep customer defections to a minimum
  • After-sales "check-ups" and "touch points" keep competitors at bay
Turn Salespeople into Great Prospectors
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  • 9 ways to find and cultivate the "right" prospects
  • Overcome prospecting reluctance for good
Turn Salespeople into Great Prospectors
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