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  • Safety Committee
  • Accident Prevention
  • Safety Training
  • Workplace Safety
  • Injury Prevention

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Guaranteeing the Success of Safety Committees

The pressure is always on to improve workplace safety, and creating a safety committee is a good first step.

But even OSHA doesn't offer an approach that works for all organizations.

Fortunately, there are strategies and ideas any safety committee can use to become effective, get worker involvement, reduce injuries and keep costs in check. How to do it?

Improve Safety Committee Effectiveness in 30 Minutes

  • Identify risky situations, behaviors and engineering BEFORE accidents occur
  • Change at-risk behavior by understanding why workers take shortcuts
  • Put safety on an even level with production
  • 9 critical areas safety committees must focus on
  • The most common reasons safety committees fail and how to avoid them

In This Concise Report

  • Committee no-shows: Boost enthusiasm and reduce absences
  • The who, where and when of organizing a safety committee
  • 3 areas of focus to become a world-class safety organization
  • Creating safety goals that are measurable, visible and get results
  • Steps to get safety recommendations approved and management buy-in


  • Keys to creating the committee's purpose and matching responsibilities
  • The right size and mix of people for an effective safety committee
  • Why joining a safety committee should be voluntary
  • The 4 "R's" of successful safety committees
The 6 Elements of a Successful Safety Program
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  • Free your workplace of health and safety hazards
  • 6 areas every effective safety program must cover
The 6 Elements of a Successful Safety Program
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