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  • Quality
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Improving Accuracy
  • Quality Tools
  • Finding Problems

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Root-Cause Analysis: Getting to the Heart of the Problem

What sets the best organizations apart in terms of quality and customer service? They don't just deal with symptoms. Great companies know how to dig deeper to pinpoint and correct the underlying sources of problems. They prevent costly mistakes and additional problems by peeling away several layers of symptoms to isolate the root-cause of an issue. How do you uncover these hidden causes, prevent repeat occurrences and improve overall quality?

Proven Root-Cause Analysis Tools in 30 minutes:

  • Tested root-cause analysis tools that reduce errors
  • 5 Ms: Major factors that lead to mistakes
  • Define the problem: 6 questions you need to ask
  • Peel back layers and get to the heart of the problem
  • 3 ways to respond to every problem you encounter

Root-cause tactics to identify the real source of errors:

  • Control charts: Isolate causes of production defects
  • Cause & effect technique: Why that product was really delivered late
  • Weed through symptoms to get to the real source with the 5-Why tactic
  • Pareto 80/20 analysis: Target what's causing the most problems
  • Learn which tools to use for specific types of problems

Improve quality and prevent recurring problems:

  • Change analysis: Pinpoint problems after modifications and upgrades
  • Time is money: Eliminate suspects to focus quality efforts
  • CREI technique to nail down the scope of the problem
  • Strengthen processes by using safeguard analysis
29 Ways to Keep Supplier Quality up to Your Standards
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