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Topics Covered:

  • Quality Audit
  • Preparation
  • Improving Processes
  • Key Metrics
  • Implementation

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Successful Quality Audits: 7 Keys That'll Make Them Even More Effective

Audits are, hands down, the most valuable asset Quality Managers have at their disposal. They reveal what's working at your facility, what isn't and which processes are in desperate need of updating.

The problem? They're a tremendous undertaking with numerous pitfalls. They require pain-staking preparation and the ability to find the right corrective actions in a mountain of data. The thought alone can send even the most experienced Quality pros into a tailspin.

Fortunately, there's help. By following this proven 7-step plan, you'll get from the planning phase to a final report without the unnecessary headaches. Improve your teams' work and boost quality across the board today.

Proven Ways to Improve Processes and Increase Efficiency

  • 7-step plan that boosts quality across the board
  • Hard data that shows employees you're making their jobs easier
  • 3 phases that turn minor changes into lasting fixes
  • Top 3 opportunities to get an audit going at your organization
  • Major improvement opportunities most quality pros miss

Methods to Get Your People Focused on Quality and Improvement

  • Getting employee buy-in so your audit's a success
  • Delegation plan that gets people involved and work done fast
  • 4 ways to use tone and body language to get your message across
  • Impact scoring that determines which data is most important
  • Checklists and cheat sheets that make sure you don't miss a thing

Using Internal Audits to Guarantee You Meet Quality Goals

  • Audit kickoff: The crucial first step you can't miss
  • 3 things you need to check when auditing a quality manual
  • Keys to building a useful, accessible audit database
  • Watch out! 3 roadblocks that slow down your progress
  • Dealing with documentation: How to improve on what you have
26 Ways to Turn Employees into Quality's Eyes and Ear
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  • 5 ways to reward employees without financial incentives
26 Ways to Turn Employees into Quality's Eyes and Ears
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