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Topics Covered:

  • Safety Discipline
  • Incident Prevention
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • OSHA
  • Investigations

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Why Safety Discipline Backfires

For years, companies have believed that enforcing safety rules requires an aggressive discipline program. New research says that's not true.

Aggressive discipline may actually make your workplace less safe, not more safe. So how do you correct employee behavior and promote the safest possible workplace without going overboard with discipline?

Improve Safety Without Using Discipline

  • Creating a confident workforce to avoid safety missteps
  • Root-cause analysis that gets to the real problem
  • Scaring your staff won't work – these training techniques will
  • Promote a safety culture where positive instincts kick in
  • Discipline disasters that can derail safety programs
  • If not discipline, then what else?

Best Practices for Preventing Future Incidents

  • Successful ways to break away from rule-based discipline
  • Dealing with human error: Strategies that work
  • Communication improvements that decrease safety errors
  • Setting clear expectations to ensure consistent quality
  • Weighing the contributing factors when an incident occurs

Today's Best Ways to Make Your Workplace Safer

  • Making discipline educational, not punitive
  • Post punishment steps that maintain a positive workplace
  • Ensure people don't clam up during safety investigations
  • Intentional harm or human error? Determining which is at fault
  • Situations when swift, consistent punishment works
14 Things Every Supervisor Should Know About Safety
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  • Confront and correct at-risk behavior – even when difficult people are the offenders
  • Negative effects of incentive programs and better rewards to replace them with
14 Things Every Supervisor Should Know About Safety
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