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  • Fundraising Culture
  • Board Giving
  • Making the Ask
  • Reaching Donors
  • Cultivating Givers

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21 Ways Board Members Can Raise More Money

Who's really responsible for fundraising? The Executive Director, staff members? No, it's the board. Donors and other stakeholders need to see a nonprofit that is led by board members actively involved in fundraising. After all, if the board isn't giving, why should donors? If the board doesn't participate heavily in the fundraising, why should anyone else?

Board members are the ambassadors for your nonprofit. They must lead by example with their own giving and drive fundraising initiatives to raise money from donors. And that doesn't just mean making the dreaded "ask" either. There are many fundraising activities that create awareness, attract new donors and forge stronger relationships with existing givers that don't involve the "ask." This report gives you 21 best practices that will help board members create a thriving fundraising culture that supports your nonprofit's mission to the fullest.

Cultivating Donors

  • Strategies to make your board members feel comfortable making the ask
  • Proven ways to craft fundraising elevator speeches that resonate with donors (and the board will love doing)
  • How listening to your donors can be the key to your fundraising success
  • The most powerful and effective way to thank your donors (and lead to repeat gifts)

Reach Out to Givers

  • 2 crucial things you must do when reaching out to businesses
  • Capitalizing on board members' most important assets – their network
  • Increase awareness through your board members' passion for the cause
  • Make social media your best – and cheapest! – way to reach out to potential donors

Boost Board Contributions

  • 4 strategies to transform a governing body into a fundraising board
  • Top ways to make board giving a priority at your nonprofit
  • Why annual assessments can be the key to increasing contributions
  • How prospect-ranking sessions help raise money as efficiently as possible
Increasing Donations with the Perfect Donor Newsletter
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  • Answering the #1 question donors have about their donations
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