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  • Sales Strategies
  • Consultative Selling
  • Closing Sales
  • Winning Salespeople

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Winning Salespeople: What It Takes to Become One

What are the qualities winning salespeople bring to the table?

Empathy, persuasiveness, persistence, patience and resilience are just a few. These traits and more make up "the psychology of a winner," something all successful salespeople have.

This Executive Report examines these special characteristics in depth and offers proven strategies to help salespeople develop that winning attitude to reach their full potential.

Are you and your sales team ready to create a mentality that leads to lasting sales success? Read on for details.

Discover the Proven Strategies of Top Salespeople

  • 10 fundamental facts that should guide every selling situation
  • 9 closing tactics every salesperson should have in his arsenal
  • 10 keys to effective persistence in day-to-day selling
  • 5 guidelines for creating powerful sales proposals
  • 7 reasons why salespeople fail – and how to overcome them

How to Sell When No One is Buying

  • 7 proven ways to meet and exceed customer expectations
  • "Your prices are too high": 9 ways to overcome this common objection
  • 7 core beliefs of super closers
  • 8 tips for selling in a recession
  • 7 ways top salespeople capitalize on hidden opportunities

Develop the Characteristics of Highly Successful Salespeople

  • 3 critical factors that separate winners from losers
  • 8 ways to go from random salesperson to trusted business consultant
  • 13 traits true sales leaders display
  • 4 skills developed by winning salespeople
  • Why some salespeople become great and other tread water
25 Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make
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  • 4 causes of sales slumps – and 6 ways to overcome them
  • 3 ways to handle rejection and stay focused
  • 7 keys to find more qualified prospects and convert them to customers
  • 3 ways to simplify your offer to avoid prospect confusion and stalls
25 Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make
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