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  • Winning Presentations
  • Overcoming Rejection
  • Prospecting
  • Cold Calling
  • Closing Techniques

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Selling Fundamentals: A Guide for New Salespeople

With the growth of Internet marketing skyrocketing, the game for sales teams has changed. But just because the profession is evolving doesn't mean it's disappearing.

The key is to stay ahead of the curve. That's why we've put together a comprehensive handbook that all new salespeople can use to not only survive, but thrive, in the changing marketplace. With over 90 pages of tips and techniques, it's a top training tool your entire team can use to start closing more deals today.

Don't Let New Salespeople Fail

  • 7 reasons why salespeople quit too soon – and how you can prevent it
  • 2 ways to overcome skeptic buyers
  • 7 strategies new salespeople can use to create a selling advantage
  • 4 commitments from your team that are essential for sales success

Develop Crucial Skills for Success

  • 3 key ways to deal with rejection – and stay focused
  • 4 tactics for keeping up enthusiasm – despite rejection
  • 4 strategies for developing persistence
  • 7 factors potential customers consider before buying

Closing Techniques that Work

  • 4 reasons new salespeople struggle with closing
  • 3 stages of selling that impact closing
  • 6 qualities all top closers possess
  • 7 successful behaviors of all-star closers
How to Beat the Stall: Proven Strategies That Work
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  • Why salespeople talk too much – and 8 ways to promote active listening
  • 7 self-inflicted roadblocks that lead to stalls
  • 10 ways to get around price stalls and close comparison shopping buyers
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