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Topics Covered:

  • Using RADAR
  • Group Presentations
  • Buying Triggers
  • Account Management
  • Using Leverage Points

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Selling to Multiple Decision Makers: Strategies for Selling to a Crowd

The sales cycle has never been so long – and it's getting even longer. In the past, a single call could land a decision for your team. Now proposals have to be approved by multiple people over an extended period of time. It's hard to get buy-in when you can't get anyone to commit.

With customers afraid to make a decision, more than ever your sales team has to take control of the situation. This report has the top strategies for dealing with group buyers. It'll help you identify the decision makers, and show how to link their needs with the products or services you're offering.

Selling Strategic Solutions

  • How to find and capitalize on buying triggers
  • 9 critical answers you must have before meeting with executives
  • 7 proven ways to position yourself with each member of a buying committee
  • The top 3 business drivers that keep your prospects up at night
  • 5 key steps to engage the buying committee

Initiate Relationships with Top Executives

  • The right questions to ask to increase your credibility
  • How to reach and forge relationships with top executives
  • Where to locate key leverage points – and how to use them to your advantage
  • 9 ways to make sure they remember your message after the meeting ends
  • The 3 must-dos to create buy-in with senior executives

Shorten the Sales Cycle

  • The 7 components of RADAR – a simple and straightforward approach to complex sales
  • The 8 keys to account management – how to meet the needs of all business levels
  • 5 cardinal sins of presentation – avoid undermining your own pitch
  • How to best approach the 6 types of individuals involved in buying groups
  • Shifting from features to benefits – why it's the key to closing the deal
Selling Up the Ladder: What Keeps Execs Up at Night
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  • 7 keys to break through gatekeepers and gain access to key decision-makers
  • 3 critical tips you can use today to sell more effectively to CEOs
  • 5 rules for persuasive presentations with top executives
  • 6 ways to create influential allies within the target account
  • 5 must-do steps to engage executives and prove your value
  • Questioning techniques that demonstrate knowledge and uncover opportunities
  • The #1 executive selling pitfall and how to overcome it
Selling Up the Ladder: What Keeps Execs Up at Night
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