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  • Business Writing
  • Grammatical Errors
  • E-mail Writing Tips
  • Written Communication Skills

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Business Writing: 83 Tips to Keep You from Looking Dumb

Strong business writing is essential for today's managers for three reasons:

  1. It's a reflection of you and your organization
  2. It's a powerful tool for eliciting response
  3. It sets the tone for your style of leadership

Whether you are writing a letter, an e-mail, a memo or a report, you must quickly express your point and have it hit home so you get the results you want. The key to accomplishing that goal is knowing exactly how to make your writing strong – and avoiding the most common and embarrassing mistakes managers make every day. How do you do it?

83 Business Writing Tips in 30 Minutes

  • Commonly misused words that confuse people and scream, "I can't write"
  • The top 25 misspelled words in business writing
  • How to avoid mistakes that "sound" correct, but are in fact errors
  • Keys to presenting your point with persuasion and tact

Display Your Professionalism and Influence Through Your Writing

  • The top 20 writing strategies for business
  • 5 grammatical principles that demonstrate professionalism in your writing
  • 5 rules you can bend for more informal writing situations
  • 5 punctuation tips that guide the reader effortlessly through your writing

Sharpen Your Written Communication Skills in Less Time

  • 12 ways to clarify your message so people read it, understand it and take your desired action
  • 10 insider proofreading tips to ensure your writing goes out polished
  • Formatting strategies for better organization and clearer messages
  • 13 ways to make e-mail work for you, not against you
Communicating a Professional Presence
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  • 6 elements of effective communication that help achieve desired outcomes
  • 3 tips to be more successful and influential on any given business day
Communicating a Professional Presence
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