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  • Motivating Salespeople

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Motivating Salespeople: 62 Ways to Get Them Charged Up

Motivated and engaged sales team drives sales like a freight train. The problem: 67% of salespeople feel little or no recognition for the work they put in according to a recent Gallup poll. Why you should care? Companies with highly engaged employees enjoy 27% higher profits, 50% more sales and a 50% boost in buyer loyalty. Isn't that exactly what you want? Read this exclusive executive report and fire up your salespeople to bring in more sales, more repeat business and higher profit margins.

Sales Motivation Techniques in 30 minutes:

  • Tap into 5 motivational triggers salespeople respond to the most
  • Cultivate 3 types of commitment to create a unified salesforce
  • 6 real-world case studies that provided positive results for sales managers
  • 80/20 rule for sales meetings and 10 ways to maximize them

Create Sales Momentum with Effective Contests, Incentives and Bonuses

  • 7 contest ideas that create a buzz and translates into more sales
  • 20 low (or no) cost incentives that boost confidence and daily performance
  • 3 ways to tweak the compensation plan to boost motivation
  • 4 keys to long-term sales success and lower turnover

Engage Salespeople for higher profits and more sales

  • Generation X accounts for 80% of salespeople: 4 ways to engage them
  • 6 rewards that push salespeople to hit goals
  • Weed out workplace negativity that sabotages successful sales teams
  • Why you should reward behaviors not just results to increase sales performance

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