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Topics Covered:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Connecting with Prospects
  • Sales Process

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Emotional Triggers That Guide Buying Decisions for Prospects and Customersl

Read this report in just 30 minutes and get practical – non-fuzzy – steps and best practices to manage your own emotions and the thoughts and feelings of your prospects to build stronger relationships and close more deals.

"The missing link to sales success ... "

It's not more tactics, techniques and skill-based sales training. If it was, more sales reps would be hitting and exceeding quotas.

Instead, sales managers – after trying almost everything – continue to wonder ...

"Why aren't they getting better, why aren't they selling."

The answer – salespeople habitually misdiagnose their sales challenges which always leads to the wrong solution (more skill-based training or product knowledge).

As you can imagine – this becomes a vicious cycle of demoralizing failure with seemingly no way out.

The solution – honing in on the emotional intelligence necessary to:

  1. Identify and become self-aware of your own emotional strengths, limitations and taking control of them
  2. Developing empathy for prospects and customers and translating that into messaging and conversations that make your audience know, like and trust you

How Emotional Intelligence Impacts Sales Success

  • The #1 factor prospects rely on to make a buying decision
  • 60% of all customers stop dealing with a company when their sales rep treats them this way (it's quite subtle, not at all an egregious act)
  • The 3 most common factors leading to sales failure or success based on a study of 25,000 sales organizations

Identify, Build and Improve Your Selling Emotional Intelligence

  • The foundational skill for building and improving your emotional intelligence skills – 3 steps to get there
  • Why you need “high-concept & high-touch skills” on top of your core sales skills to earn more new sales and repeat business
  • What salespeople do that unknowingly sabotages their own sales efforts – and how to stop it immediately
  • The key element that separates the top 20% of all salespeople from the rest
  • 7 must-have motivational ingredients to dig down and pull out of yourself for sales success
  • How to build your "ego-strength" – it's impossible to cut it as a top salesperson without internal power

Connect with Prospects So They Know, Like and Trust You Enough to Buy

  • Why winning and losing sales has nothing to do with your product, company or price
  • 7 roadblocks that keep salespeople from truly understanding prospects' needs and properly responding to them
  • The difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness – and how to use both effectively (many customers are lost because of confusion about these two traits and when to use each)
  • Are you considered exceptional by your customers? The secret to increasing loyalty 10-15 times
  • "The best way to sell prospects is to treat them the same way you treat customers now." Why this advice could kill 70% of your new sales opportunities

Apply Emotional Intelligence to Your Sales Process

  • Study: 8 things buyers say you must do during your sales process to earn their business
  • The universal thing you need to do when opening a sales call – this applies to quick transaction sales and long, complex deals
  • 9 presentation tips that incorporate deep emotional connections with your audience
  • 4-step formula for demonstrating credibility
  • 9 core emotional beliefs of exceptional closers
  • How to remove the emotional factors from presenting and negotiating price
  • How to use the IDIC framework to deliver more value to prospects and customers
  • Develop your emotional confidence to close more sales
Prospects vs. Customers: Why Salespeople Can't Treat Them the Same
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  • 4 most common prospect buying styles - and how to approach each
  • 4 distinct phases of the prospect decision-making process
  • The 2 biggest assumptions salespeople make about their prospects that are dead wrong
  • 10 proven strategies to build trust and lower resistance
Prospects vs. Customers: Why Salespeople Can't Treat Them the Same
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