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Topics Covered:

  • Safety Programs
  • Leading Indicators
  • Injury Prevention
  • Workers' Comp
  • Measuring Safety

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Measuring Safety Before Something Bad Happens

The frustrating part about safety is it always seems to get measured by the negatives – accidents, near-misses, comp payouts, OSHA fines, and worst of all, a fatality.

Wouldn't it be better if safety could be measured by positive things? Things that go well beyond the absence of an accident. What if there really was a way to change the measuring stick, so that you could be more effective in preventing injuries in the first place – BEFORE they happen?

New research has some answers for you.

Eliminate Accidents, Reduce Injuries And Minimize Safety Costs

  • Top 6 ways to prevent injuries and illnesses at your organization
  • Symptoms there's something wrong with your safety program
  • Why fewer injuries don't always mean success
  • Internal controls to keep hazards out of the workplace
  • Included: Self-assessment questionnaire to rate your safety program

Using Leading Factors To Improve Your Safety Program

  • Metrics helping you measure safety before incidents occur
  • 5-point scale to determine leading indicators' effectiveness
  • Negative consequences of only measuring safety after incidents
  • Proof behind why positive leading indicators work
  • The negative reinforcement wreaking havoc on safety

Accident Prevention Measures You Can Take Now

  • How good is your safety program? Find out using our checklist
  • Proactive policies reducing the severity of injury and illness
  • 3 trailing indicators that you should still use
  • Medical management preventing impairment and disability
  • Protect workers from the threat causing half of all injuries
Building the Business Case for Safety Improvements
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  • Turn engineers into allies: What gets them on your side
  • Get initiatives done faster by focusing on what they care about – ROI
  • Invest $1 in safety now to save $10,000 later: Here's how
Building the Business Case for Safety Improvements
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