Financial Accountability: Getting Other Departments On Board Financial Accountability: Getting Other Departments On Board

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  • Financial Accountability
  • Spending
  • Budgets
  • Financial Metrics

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Financial Accountability: Getting Other Departments On Board

Are your employees, at all levels, treating the company's money as their own? 96% of employers say no. Boosting financial knowledge and accountability throughout an organization has always been a challenge. In our current economy the importance is amplified. With revenues harder to come by, budgets and spending need to be tighter in order to maintain a solid bottom line – and that starts with employees in every department.

This executive report outlines proven strategies and tactics the top 4% use to get their employees to take greater responsibility for company finances to not only maintain, but boost their bottom line through smarter spending, identifying and sealing cash leaks and better communication. Find out how they do it...

Essential Strategies to Boost Financial Accountability and Save Money in 30 minutes:

  • Strategies that get employees to treat company money better than their own
  • The best metrics to pinpoint leaks and lead to more efficient spending
  • Proven meeting approach that gets employee buy-in
  • Easy to understand reports that get results: content, format and frequency

Get Employees Focusing More on the Bottom Line:

  • Overcome the "I'm no bean counter" excuse with financial education
  • Knowing when a different messenger may get the same message across better
  • Keys to quantify the cost of inefficiencies
  • Get-tough tactics when the message just won't sink in

Financial Accountability: Pulling It All Together

  • Effective incentives to reward smart-spending staffers
  • Simple way to get everyone to do a better job bringing costs down
  • What to do when a department is always close or over budget
  • Making budget adherence part of everyone's job description

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