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Topics Covered:

  • HR Metrics
  • Choosing the Right Data
  • Sample Metric Dashboard
  • Common Mistakes
  • List of Commonly Used Metrics

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HR Metrics: Measure and Document HR's Impact on Your Organization

HR pros are the foundation of any business, working to reduce turnover, hiring top notch employees and conducting trainings to keep companies compliant. Yet, without tangible results, how does HR show upper management just how big of an impact they have on the bottom line?

The trick is putting together metrics that prove why HR is a strategic partner in an organization. This report shows how HR pros can measure the things they do that add a tangible value to an organization. It includes a number of formulas and calculations you can use today to create solid and persuasive metrics reports.

Use Metrics to Prove HR's Worth

  • 4 ways metrics can show upper management how HR contributes
  • 6 reasons companies (mistakenly) don't use metrics
  • 4 places to look for the information needed for analysis
  • Included: Sample HR Metrics Dashboard to help you get started

Choose Metrics That Matter

  • 2 common mistakes to avoid when selecting HR metrics
  • 4 questions to ask to figure out the most important metrics to track
  • A comprehensive list of HR metrics available – ready for your use today
  • Tips to produce the most effective metrics for your specific organization

Measure HR's Effectiveness

  • Keys to developing and analyzing metrics without needing upper management
  • 4 ways to boost any HR metrics campaign
  • Reasons HR Metrics fall short – and how to fix them
  • Tactics to effectively use the information you've collected
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