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  • Collections
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  • Excuses
  • Customers
  • Calls

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20 Must-Have Tactics That'll Boost Your Collections

Companies are guarding their cash flow like never before, making it difficult to collect from even good customers. Luckily, there are ways you can loosen their grip.

This report gives you 20 creative, innovative ways to super-charge your collections process so you get paid faster, before collecting becomes an issue.

Bypass Customers' Excuses and Keep Payments Coming In

  • Loosen the grip of customers who hang on tightly to their cash
  • 5 common excuses customers give – and how to counter-attack them
  • Approaches to turn up the heat on stagnating accounts
  • 3 tactics to maximize call time and increase profitability
  • 7 instances when you need to seek out a third-party agency immediately

Super-Charge Your Collections Process

  • Battle plan to help collectors prepare before getting on the phone
  • 20 techniques to start customer interactions right – and get paid faster
  • When good customers get off track: Formalized repayment agreements that work
  • 3 pointers to help Sales maximize on-site visits
  • No. 1 priority when attempting to collect on delinquent accounts

Get Paid Faster

  • Increase the chances you'll get paid faster - before collecting becomes an issue
  • Trump card that gets customers to compromise and promptly send in payment
  • Get the biggest bang for your buck even after you've handed over accounts to an agency
  • 7 email best practices that get the most out of customers
  • Keys to come away from every interaction with a payment commitment
Win The Toughest Collection Disputes: What's Working Now
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  • Why payment plans fail – and what you can do to stop it
  • Keep your company covered in case a dispute winds up in court
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