5 Critical Sales Meetings: A Guide for Motivating and Educating Your Team Purchase 5 Critical Sales Meetings: A Guide for Motivating and Educating Your Team

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  • Sales Meetings
  • Prospecting Strategies
  • Closing Techniques
  • Sales Skills
  • Sales Presentations

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5 Critical Sales Meetings: A Guide for Motivating and Educating Your Team

Keeping salespeople charged up and focused - week after week, month after month, year after year -- is hard work.

That's a lot of sales meetings. And it's a constant battle to keep them fresh, educational and inspirational.

This report provides guidelines for running five of the most critical sales meetings that you need to run. Not only does it provide you with ways to start each of those meetings, but there are plenty of tips and facts so you can slice and dice the information to run multiple meetings on each topic.

Meeting #1: Prospecting

  • 7 tips for finding prospects and converting them into customers
  • 4 compelling reasons to prospect through referrals – and how to do it professionally
  • The social media tool that significantly expands your client lists and contacts
  • 5 pointers for prospecting former customers – and winning them back

Meeting #2: Pre-Call Planning

  • How great salespeople create a constructive agenda before the call
  • The real reasons customers buy from a specific salesperson
  • 7 elements for implementing a pre-call strategy
  • Selling to multiple decision makers: 7 preparation strategies

Meeting #3: Presentations

  • Presentation sins: 5 mistakes that undermine any presentation
  • 3 key steps in bringing a successful presentation to a close
  • 5 research-based rules for persuasive presentations
  • When presentations lose focus: 7 ways to keep prospects engaged

Meeting #4: Closing

  • 23 proven strategies that boost your closing rate
  • 3 methods to win over the most disgruntled buyers
  • Dos and Don'ts of selling against an established relationship
  • 3 types of closing – and which one customers prefer

Meeting #5: After-sales Follow-up

  • How to turn satisfied buyers into loyal, repeat customers
  • Debunking 5 customer satisfaction myths
  • Customer service is changing: 4 implications of the new definition
  • 8 laws of effective after-sales service
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