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  • Onboarding
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  • Mentoring
  • Introductions
  • Relationship Building

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Onboarding: What New Hires Need in Those First Critical Months

The first few weeks on the job can be very stressful for new employees ‐ and that can make or break your hiring decision.

A positive welcoming experience puts new hires' minds at ease and reinforces that joining your organization was the right decision. On the other hand, just a few simple missteps can throw new hires for a loop and leave them second-guessing.

A strong onboarding process can help new hires succeed from day one, build loyalty and shape a productive workforce long into the future. Here are the practical, real-life ways to do it.

Time-Tested Techniques to Boost New Hires' Success

  • What managers should do – and when – to jumpstart new employees' productivity
  • 4 things every employee should gain from your onboarding program
  • Assignments that will fast track employees to make a rewarding impact
  • Mentors: Guide to determine who'll be the most beneficial match
  • Crucial missteps that leave new hires running for the exit by lunch

Proven Ways to Keep Newly Hired Employees Onboard

  • Squash first day jitters: How to keep them engaged from the start
  • Group work or individual projects? Determine what's best for your new hire
  • Gain productivity by covering these main areas at the 3-month review
  • Group activities that help new hires successfully complete onboarding
  • Beyond the first week: 4 questions that will help you naturally check-in

Give New Hires What They Need in the Critical First Months

  • Long-term schedules that highlight key milestones and spark excitement
  • Prep work: What needs to be done before employees' first day
  • Document dump: 7 examples of what to provide on day one
  • 6 pieces of feedback you want from employees about your onboarding program
  • Reap the benefits of getting employees involved in the company's culture
Turn New Hires into Great Employees
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Turn New Hires into Great Employees
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