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  • Sales Questioning
  • Probing
  • Qualifying
  • Closing

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Get Salespeople to Ask the Right Questions

Asking the wrong questions is one of the biggest reasons salespeople fail to close more deals. To make matters worse, it's a mistake that persists from proposal to proposal, creating a constant barrier to sales. Top sales pros have a clear plan to maximize the persuasive power of questions to qualify and engage prospects, build rapport, and identify and solve problems. The result: more business. How do they do it?

Close Prospects and Hit Sales Goals with Effective Questioning

  • 4 questions to ask yourself before every sales call
  • What you should and shouldn't ask in the first few moments
  • 6 ways good questions enhance the sales process
  • Question your prospects without sounding like an interrogator
  • The most powerful question every salesperson should ask – repeatedly

Turn Prospects into Buyers with Persuasive Questions

  • 5 questioning strategies that lead to bigger deals
  • Questions that get you to the right decision maker
  • Overcome objections with proven probing techniques
  • How to move the sale forward and get the "yes" – quicker
  • How to use questioning to trigger buying emotions
  • Win over the toughest prospects with these closing questions

Gain Control of the Sales Process and Build Credibility

  • The two most critical types of questions and when to use them
  • Be prepared for these 5 questions every prospect asks
  • 9 reasons salespeople don't listen and how to avoid them
  • The one type of question that can derail a sales call when used improperly
  • 20 ways to improve listening and retention ability right now
Win-Win Selling: Strategies That Attract and Keep Customers
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  • Win-Win sales tactics that relieve 3 common prospect fears
  • 7 reasons why Value Diagnosis is more effective than value-added selling
  • 4 ways to establish trust and create positive outcomes
  • 5 steps to regain lost business
  • 8 do's and don'ts of Win-Win selling in a recession
Win-Win Selling: Strategies That Attract and Keep Customers
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