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  • Workplace Safety
  • Discpline
  • Safety Training
  • Unsafe Behavior
  • Termination

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Terminating Unsafe Employees: What Supervisors Need to Know

Disciplining and terminating unsafe employees are touchy situations when you consider discrimination claims, low-morale and turnover. But how often do employees intentionally risk safety?

Whether they're hustling to improve productivity, taking shortcuts or blatantly ignoring rules, unsafe workers threaten the safety of themselves, co-workers and visitors. How can you prevent unsafe behavior or terminate these cancerous employees without lost productivity and legal backlash?

Terminating Unsafe Employees – All the Info You Need in 30 Minutes

  • Discipline or remove at-risk employees: Prevent 3 common backlashes
  • Crack down on repeat offenders – legally
  • Keys to implement a rock-solid safety policy and discipline procedures
  • "Get it all on paper": Documentation guidelines you need to know
  • Discipline and termination pitfalls – and how to avoid them

Effective and Legal Tactics to Handle At-Risk Behavior

  • "Retaliation!" How to prevent and fight frivolous claims
  • The klutz: Handle accident-prone employees carefully and effectively
  • Dealing with unionized employees: It's not as bad as you think
  • "We're next": Managing morale after terminating a safety offender

Protect Your Organization from Rule-Breakers & Safety Threats

  • Avoid selective discipline – Closing the door on lawsuits and legal trouble
  • Communicating with and enlisting workers to improve safety culture
  • Utilize untapped resources: HR and the company's legal counsel
  • Train, train, train: Tightening up loose ends in your safety program
13 Reasons Workers Ignore Safety Rule
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  • What to do when a worker flat-out refuses to care about safety
13 Reasons Workers Ignore Safety Rule
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