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Topics Covered:

  • Recruitment
  • Networking
  • Identify Board Needs
  • Philanthropic Capacity
  • Nominating Committees

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Building a Better Nonprofit Board

Standards are getting higher and higher for nonprofit boards. It's great for the nonprofit sector, but increased standards means more pressure on the board to lead effectively, efficiently and with greater transparency. This pressure only gets bigger when unexpected departures leave openings on the board, sending nonprofits into panicked recruitment to fulfill membership requirements.

Fortunately, there's a better way. This report walks you through how to recruit more strategically, allowing you to take the time to identify and cultivate the best possible board members. With best practices you can use to start networking today, it will help your nonprofit build a solid, more effective board.

Best Practices to Strengthen Your Board

  • 8 places to look for new board members
  • 10 responsibilities you must include on the job description
  • 5 qualifications all new board members should possess
  • Philanthropic capacity: Overcoming the elephant in the room

Understand Your Board's Needs

  • Why skills aren't the only thing your nonprofit needs to consider
  • The one thing that must be discussed with every new board member
  • Identify the right makeup of your board
  • Best ways to 'onboard' new board members

Find the Best Candidate for Your Nonprofit

  • Tactics to get buy-in from your most important audience – the board
  • Top ways to turn last-minute recruitment into a year-round process
  • How to develop a "governance committee" to manage your board
  • 4 responsibilities governance committees must fulfill
Spread Your Brand: Becoming a Master Networker
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  • Turn new contacts into fruitful relationships: Concrete ways that work
Spread Your Brand: Becoming a Master Networker
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