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Topics Covered:

  • Improving Soft Skills
  • Office Politics
  • Networking
  • Self Promotion
  • Nonverbal Communication

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What MBA Profs Don't Teach You: Critical Career Skills for Finance Executives

You've mastered the numbers, understand the reports, and make solid business decisions. But what's stopping you from getting to the next level in your career?

"Soft skills" are now just as important as your number crunching abilities. Even seasoned finance execs need to hone their skills in the one area that separates the top from the rest – how to deal with people. Your finance expertise got you to where you are, but non-traditional skills are what will set you apart.

Successful finance executives know this, and work tirelessly to improve their ability to manage and motivate staff and network with their peers. The result: increased communication, more trust, stronger performance and a better reputation inside their companies and out. This report gives you the best advice on how to sharpen your soft skills.

Master the Skills That Will Set You Apart

  • Non-traditional business skills: What your professors left out of lectures
  • 4 career-impacting areas in which most Finance execs have no formal training
  • Shut up and listen! . . .Why it's the key to getting ahead
  • Why what you're not saying in a conversation can make or break a relationship
  • Proven tactics to strengthen your communication abilities
  • 5 actionable plans to see your social skills improve immediately

Develop the Soft Skills Necessary for Success

  • Why networking creates up to 90% of job opportunities
  • Expand social responsibility to increase employee retention and performance
  • The "balance theory": Why it's the key to pay raises and promotions
  • Keys to self-promotion that lead to favorable reviews – not resentment
  • Why social intelligence is the "new science of success"

Clear and Concise Plans to Advance Your Skills

  • The 2 most important elements of political skills – and why you need them
  • Why "office politics" isn't always a bad thing
  • The 5 different skill sets required in your social repertoire
  • How time around the water cooler translates into company success
  • The 3 different networking types and how to use them to your advantage
  • 7 strategies to make networking easy (even for introverts)
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