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  • Independent Contractors
  • IRS & DOL Guidelines
  • Worker Classification
  • Audits
  • Penalties

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Independent Contractors: Can You Pass IRS or DOL Audit of Misclassified Workers?

The IRS has changed the test companies use to identify independent contractors – and that could mean big trouble. The problem: Many companies are unaware of the changes and are still using the older guidelines.

Following the latest guidelines can help you avoid an audit – or help you pass one should the IRS or DOL come calling. This report includes what you need to know about the latest IRS and DOL independent contractor tests and how to properly classify your workforce.

Correctly Classify Employees and Independent Contractors

  • 30% of employers misclassify workers: Are you one of them?
  • So what's misclassification cost? Penalties soar into the millions
  • IRS' three-prong test to determine employee classification: How it works
  • Telltale signs you may be guilty of misclassification: Red flags auditors are looking for
  • Test your knowledge: 10 scenarios to help sharpen your classification skills

Independent Contractors and the Law: What Employers Need to Know

  • Health reform's new misclassification penalty: Its costly impact on businesses
  • 4 dangers of contractor use – and how employers can avoid them
  • DOL's economic realities test: 6 factors to determine classification from the Supreme Court
  • Dual classification is possible: Situations people can be both an employee and IC
  • 13 tips to protect your company in case auditors show up

Be Prepared for IRS & DOL Audits and Avoid Costly Penalties

  • Best defense tactics to have in place before the IRS or DOL come calling
  • Fight back against aggressive attorneys cashing in on the misclassification arena
  • 2 federal tests employers must use to determine how workers should be classified
  • Voluntary Classification Settlement Program: Benefits, eligibility requirements and concerns
  • Guidelines to lay out contractor responsibilities so nothing can be held against you
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