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The 21 Steps to Reach an Injury-Free Workplace

How many times have you caught workers without safety gear? Or spotted people cutting corners to get a job done faster? No matter how much safety training you do or compliance programs you have, there's no guarantee people won't get hurt.

The key to get people to work safer and create an injury-free workplace starts by switching your focus from their behavior to the worker as a whole. And this report gives you the 21 steps to do it.

Profoundly change your safety culture, come closer to an injury-free workplace and get people to do their jobs in the safest way possible. Read the executive report:

Best Ways to Achieve an Injury-Free Workplace Now

  • 6 levels of safety achievement – and how to reach them
  • Ban this word from your vocabulary to prevent more injuries
  • Holistic approach to safety that promotes 24-hour success
  • Punish less, praise more: Keys to getting the reactions you want from employees
  • Why setting a zero-injury goal can hurt safety

Start Improving Your Safety Culture Now

  • 21 steps to achieve an injury-free workplace
  • Leading vs. lagging indicators: What's the better predictor?
  • Win/win culture that supports interdependence and improved safety
  • 10 safety management systems you should evaluate now
  • Unintended consequences of root cause analysis and how to avoid them

Transform Safety Incentive Programs to Get Positive Results

  • Measure your sense of community by surveying employees on these 10 things
  • 3 core beliefs that motivate employees to work safely
  • Feedback strategies that elicit a positive response from workers
  • 5 levels of effective conversations and using them to meet safety goals
  • Transition workers from prioritizing safety to making it a core value
Building a Stronger Safety Culture: One Front-line Worker at a Time
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  • Getting executives to buy-in to your safety initiatives
  • Resolving conflicts between safety and production
  • Using safety metrics to measure your success
  • Front-line worker buy-in – Why injury prevention depends on it
  • Eliminate the "it can't happen to me" mentality
Building a Stronger Safety Culture: One Front-line Worker at a Time
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