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Topics Covered:

  • Selling Value
  • Overcoming Price Objections
  • What Buyers Want
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Sales Case Studies

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Selling in a Price-Driven Marketplace

Battling Back When Customers Say, 'It's the Economy, Stupid'

"Our budget is tight in this economy, we need a lower price."

Salespeople have been hearing that from prospects for well over two years now. While budgets are tighter, you know price-based selling is a slippery slope that often leads to bad deals.

In fact, the average sales organization suffers a 13% loss in profits for every 1% it drops in prices, according to a recent McKinsey & Company study.

Top salespeople rarely have the lowest price, they can't afford to. Instead of a knee-jerk reaction to negotiate on price they use proven strategies to drive home immediate and long-term value. They do this by promising superior returns and service and proving they can deliver to convert price-obsessed prospects into value-seeking customers.

The result: More sales, stronger relationships and rock solid loyalty. You and your sales team can achieve similar results. Here's how...

Boost Sales with Value-Selling Strategies

  • How 12 companies are overcoming price objections to boost sales and build stronger relationships in a tight economy
  • Appeal to these 4 emotions to turn reluctant prospects into loyal buyers
  • 4 ways to keep salespeople positive and focused on winning more business when having "the talk" about the economy
  • 4 categories of bargain-hunting prospects – and how to close them
  • Prospects want to do business with salespeople who do these 2 things

Discover What Prospects Need Before They Buy

  • 3 powerful messages that stop price objections before they happen
  • Top 5 reasons salespeople are losing sales in today's economy
  • 3 deal-sabotaging feelings that price concessions create in prospects
  • The top 3 problems prospects face now – and how you can position yourself, your company and your offering as the solution
  • Do you have the 10 traits prospects desire salespeople to have?

Turn More Price-Conscious Prospects into Loyal Customers

  • 5 things every buyer expects a salesperson to know
  • 4 strategies to avoid in a shifting economy
  • 9 keys to becoming prospects' trusted advisor
  • Walmart's big gamble: A price-based cautionary tale
  • 10 key takeaways for selling in a price-driven marketplace
Adding Value:
How 25 Companies Did It
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  • 11 keys for selling value in a cost-cutting, price-sensitive environment
  • How to position your offer as a competitive advantage for the buyer
  • How to use Value Management Objectives to create a sense of urgency and close more deals, fasterd
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