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Topics Covered:

  • Safety Training
  • Accident Prevention
  • Workplace Safety
  • Unsafe Behavior
  • Preventing Injuries

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Safety Training Ideas Worth Stealing: Never Hold a Boring Safety Meeting Again!

Do your workers' eyes glaze over during safety training? You're not alone. It's hard to hold employees' attention when the message is pretty much the same every time, even though their safety is at stake.

The key is creating training that sizzles and sparks worker interest - time after time. Here's how to really make safety training stick.

Boost Safety Awareness in 30 Minutes

  • Compelling stories and demonstrations that drive home your message
  • "Nothing will happen to me" - bring Supermen and tough guys back to reality
  • The core emotion that focuses everyone on safe behavior
  • 3 steps that keep safety training from going in one ear and out the other
  • Change minor at-risk behavior with "safety fines"

Get Safety Training to Last

  • Under-used tip proven to boost training retention
  • Perfect way to get targeted training points for your next meeting
  • Safety quotes good enough for the U.S. Navy, good enough for you
  • Where to focus your training for the greatest impact
  • Tap into staff talent to liven up meetings and make safety training stick

Safety Training: What Is and Isn't Working

  • Using off-the-job safety to get positive on-the-job results
  • Recognition and incentives that actually improve safety
  • 8 hazards the military focuses on during a safety walk-through
  • Weed out safety problems with a "Foul-Up Forum"
  • 4 ways safety recognition backfires and how to avoid it
32 Ways to Become a Better Trainer: And Get Your Messages to Stick
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  • 6 principles of effective one-on-one training
  • Top 3 learning styles – and how to incorporate them into training sessions
32 Ways to Become a Better Trainer: And Get Your Messages to Stick
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