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Topics Covered:

  • Collections
  • Deductions
  • Credit Policies
  • Customers
  • Slow-pays

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99 Ways to Get Customers to Pay Now

Many customers are stretching payments and a growing number of businesses are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. So it's critical to collect payments now. Most customers actually want to pay – and keep their business viable. So how do you get the money your company is owed? Even the best Credit and Collection pros need help landing their invoices on the top of a customer's bill pile. This executive report gives you 99 of today's most innovative ways to keep payments coming in from more customers faster than ever – and even help those customers in the long run.

Collect more payments faster:

  • How to profit from slow-paying customers
  • Strategies to make your invoice a priority
  • C&C pros' most effective collection methods
  • Customer excuses and how to combat them
  • 5 critical tactics of the best collection letters

Keep customers from stretching payments:

  • Balancing collection efforts with customer relations
  • Internal and external incentives that work
  • Handling good customers who pay late
  • Collection calls that get results
  • Early warning signs and red flags that indicate trouble

Collection strategies that work:

  • Use sales to your advantage: Join forces to boost collections
  • Avoid the headache of dealing with deductions
  • No-cost legal prompts that get payments
  • Proactive system to handle NSF checks
  • Is going to court the answer?
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Negotiations: Turn No into Yes
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