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  • Feedback
  • Communication
  • Performance
  • Behavior
  • Difficult Conversations

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47 Ways to Deliver Effective Feedback

The most powerful tool managers have to motivate and manage employees is feedback.

And whether you're dealing with a performance problem, difficult conversation or employee praise, you need to get it right the first time. If not, you may wind up with an even bigger issue on your hands.

Giving feedback isn't easy. You're dealing with sensitive people, generation gaps and awkward topics. That's why this executive report gives you 47 proven ways to deliver effective feedback. Here's how:

Using feedback to motivate and manage employees

  • 47 proven ways to deliver effective feedback
  • Specific words and terms that successfully express your message
  • 6 keys of active listening and how to use them
  • Create win-wins when handling difficult conversations
  • Distracting body language that defeats your message

Effective feedback that will make your organization more productive

  • Put a positive spin on how employees need to improve
  • Speak concisely: Keeping your message clear, tight & simple
  • Keys to making employees comfortable during feedback sessions
  • Providing feedback to the 4 generations of today's workplace
  • 8 pitfalls of listening and speaking that won't go unnoticed

Improve performance, get buy-in and communicate effectively

  • Encourage an atmosphere of giving and receiving feedback
  • Talking to sensitive employees with tact and grace
  • Support employees in their efforts to improve
  • Strategies to prevent misinterpretation of your message
  • Follow-up steps to make sure employees stay on track
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