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  • Nonexempt Employees
  • Compensation
  • FLSA
  • DOL
  • Violations

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Special Executive Report

Handling Nonexempt Employee Pay: Stay Compliant and Avoid DOL Audits

FLSA lawsuits are up 77% over the past few years. And the majority of these lawsuits are hitting well-intentioned employers who unknowingly slip up when dealing with complicated nonexempt employee pay. So how can you navigate through this legal minefield and make the right decisions when faced with tricky compensation questions?

Best practices that alleviate the latest FLSA hassles

  • Clear-cut explanation of employer requirements under the FLSA
  • Paid or unpaid activity? Here's help making the call
  • 6 tips to determine whether on-call workers must be paid
  • What does – and doesn't count as "hours worked"
  • FLSA mistakes most companies make – and how to prevent them
  • Combating the 77% spike in wage and hour lawsuits

Expert guidance on nonexempt pay's clock-punching issues

  • Overtime violations the DOL's waiting for you to make
  • Guidelines to steer clear of de minimus problems
  • DOL's definition of "waiting" and how it applies to your business
  • Tactics to stop employees from working unapproved OT
  • FLSA's rules for compensating meals and breaks

Concrete ways to handle the trickiest compensation questions

  • Dealing with comp time, overtime, travel time and on-call time
  • Recordkeeping: What to keep, what to trash
  • Minor OT mistakes causing major liabilities
  • What to do about required training, meetings and lectures
  • Sort through the federal and state laws that govern pay with ease

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