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  • Performance Reviews
  • Written Evaluations
  • Legal Termination
  • Documentation
  • Employee Performance

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Performance Reviews: Best – and Worst – Ways to Do Them

"If you're not going to do performance reviews right, you're better off not doing them at all!"

That's a common plea from employment law attorneys to HR pros and managers. The point: If you don't conduct performance reviews with care and accuracy, you'll not only end up with a de-motivated, under-performing staff, but consistently on the losing side of wrongful termination suits.

The good news: Those same pleading attorneys offered help as well.

This report crystallizes the best advice lawyers gave practitioners at a labor & employment law conference. Concrete steps for conducting better performance reviews, which will not only prevent lawsuits, but also motivate employees to do better in the future, resulting in improved morale and reduced turnover.

Proven Ways to Conduct Better Performance Reviews – in 30 Minutes

  • The #1 recurring problem with performance reviews – and how to fix it
  • 4 ways to prepare for a face-to-face performance review
  • 11 traits of rock-solid documentation that can withstand the toughest scrutiny
  • 7 tips for dealing with emotional employees
  • Before you hand in a written evaluation – ask these 4 questions
  • The most dangerous word that consistently shows up on performance reviews (this is the cop-out managers use when they are hesitant to rate employees poorly)
  • 12 biggest mistakes supervisors habitually make in performance reviews

Motivate Employees and Avoid Lawsuits in the Process

  • Why lawyers hate your performance reviews – and how to improve them
  • 5 reasons a lawyer would refuse to take your employment law case
  • 3 characteristics of leading performance review processes
  • Rating scales: Why they are considered the wimpy way to conduct reviews – and can cost you in court
  • Wrongful termination suits: How to ensure your performance reviews help – not hurt – you
  • 7 guidelines for a sit-down evaluation session

Develop a Winning Review Process that Benefits Everyone

  • The 8 purposes of annual reviews – and how to use them
  • How "stray remarks" cost this company big – and what you need to avoid
  • Why it's not the manager's fault they conduct poor evaluations – and who's really to blame
  • 8 things managers must accomplish in a performance review
  • Why performance reviews are the key to proper and legal terminations
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