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  • – Workplace Safety
  • – Accident Prevention
  • – Safety Training
  • – Lone Workers
  • – Preventing Injuries

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Special Executive Report

Working Alone: Dumb and Deadly Mistakes Employees Make

How can you ensure employees are following safety policies when working alone?

It's every safety managers concern.

They've been through all the necessary safety training, but lone workers head into each situation with a different mindset – and that’s almost impossible to prepare for. Almost.

Fortunately, there are methods you can use to understand what goes through lone workers’ minds to make it much more likely they will adhere to your safety policies – even when no one else is around. Here’s where to start:

Ensure Safety When No One Else is Around

  • 8 real-life accident scenarios
  • Understanding what affects a person's risk tolerance
  • 7 hazards any risk assessment should look out for
  • 5 bonus tips for keeping lone workers safe
  • 3 ways supervisors can shift workers’ context and risk tolerance

Be Confident in Your Lone Workers' Safety

  • Clear definitions of OSHA regulations
  • 3 contributing factors to a person's salience
  • How the SHIFT training program can save lives and money
  • Monitoring and Communication: the most important parts of lone worker safety

Eliminate Lone Worker Safety Challenges in 30 Minutes

  • Put it in writing! Documentation matters
  • 6 topics every lone worker training should cover
  • Specific information every worker needs in an emergency
  • 15 safety resource links for extra guidance

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